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TemperKote® Hi-Heat® coatings were developed by Flame Control and introduced in early 2008. They were developed to provide a very color stable heat resistant product to the marketplace. These High Temperature paints are formulated to protect all types of metals surfaces from corrosion and weathering up to 1200°F with a tough, durable finish.

We have also developed special corrosion control primers which provide better protection to the metal surfaces in environments where the painted surface may be subject to either corrosive elements in the atmosphere or where some liquid surface contamination may occasionally occur.

TemperKote® coatings, unlike our Traditional  coatings and most other competitive coatings, have all been formulated to go over zinc containing primers or to be applied to zinc or galvanized surfaces. They can also be applied over Stainless Steel since they are formulated with special ingredients to minimize contamination from chlorides, other halides, sulfides, nitrates and metals which are known to induce external stress corrosion cracking. They contain no free metallic zinc and, therefore, will not contribute to embrittlement of stainless steel welds.aerosol cans high heat paint

A special version, TemperKote® HS was also developed for application to surfaces at operating temperatures or to hot surfaces as they cool so that equipment can be painted at or near operating temperatures.  This reduces downtime for painting.

We have recently introduced a CUI paint. TemperKote® CUI-HS is a special paint developed to prevent corrosion under insulation on piping and vessels that run at a high temperature and are insulated to prevent heat loss.  Normally, the acidic or basic insulation will promote corrosion situation when the substrate cycles in temperature and traps moisture from condensation inside the envelope of insulation. TemperKote® CUI-HS will protect against those conditions better than competitive products and can be used as a high build coating to compensate for pitted substrates. Additionally, the product can be topcoated with our TemperKote® products for surfaces, like flanges, that will remain uninsulated.

We have also developed TemperKote® INS Hi-Heat Thermal Insulating Coating which is a composite ceramic insulation coating system. The coating provides an insulating barrier, protects personnel and helps prevent or reduce condensation formation all in one product. Microscopic air filled ceramic particles blended with premium acrylic resins provide substantial temperature differentials in relatively thin films. TemperKote® INS eliminates the need for conventional insulation and jacketing for process equipment and piping.

Technical help is available to determine the right coating for your particular need.

Temperkote CUI-HS Paint
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