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TemperKote 14105E-I Industrial HiHeat Coatings are based on 100% silicone resin with special ceramic colorants and additives formulated with no HAP’S and Low VOC. The coating air dries within 30 minutes and can ship in the ‘air dry’ state in 24 hours. Avoid mechanical abrasion when in air dry state. For optimum hardness a heat cure of 350ºF for one hour is needed, however no complex post heat curing is necessary. TemperKote 14105E-I in the air dried state will cure when the coated equipment is placed in service. Special pigments are utilized to achieve maximum heat resistant properties and color stability.

Maximum Temperature
Topcoat / Primer / Both
Application Temperature
Substrate: Carbon Steel, Zinc Rich/Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Masonry, Aluminum
Maximum Temperature: 1400
Topcoat / Primer / Both: Topcoat
Application Temperature: Ambient
Gloss: Flat

14105-E Product Data Sheet

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Technical Data Sheet for TemperKote 14105

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