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TemperKote No. 850 and 888 Heat Resistant Primers are based on a silicone alkyd resin designed to offer fast dry/recoat times and impart corrosion resistance in severe environments. These primers withstand thermal cyclic conditions to 850ºF. They are specially formulated to form a tenacious protective bond to steel while providing excellent corrosion protection under TemperKote No. 850

Maximum Temperature
Topcoat / Primer / Both
Application Temperature
Substrate: Metals, excluding galvanized and zinc-rich
Maximum Temperature: 850
Topcoat / Primer / Both: Primer
Application Temperature: Ambient
Gloss: Flat
VOC: Low VOC Available

850/888 Product Data Sheet

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Technical Data Sheet for TemperKote 850 Primer

Technical Data Sheet for TemperKote 888 Primer

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