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H20 Primer

TemperKote H2O Hi-Heat Corrosion Control Primer is a VOC compliant water-based primer designed to impart corrosion resistance in severe environments. The primer withstands thermal cyclic conditions to 450ºF. It is specially formulated to form a tenacious protective bond providing maximum corrosion protection under TemperKote H2O topcoats. TemperKote H2O Hi-Heat Corrosion Control Primer air dries by coalescence to form a tough, durable, heat, chemical, and moisture vapor resistant film. It does not require any complex heat-curing schedule to obtain heat resistant properties. TemperKote H2O Hi-Heat Corrosion Control Primer is designed to be topcoated with TemperKote H2O within two hours.

Maximum Temperature
Topcoat / Primer / Both
Application Temperature
Substrate: Carbon Steel, Zinc Rich/Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Masonry, Aluminum
Maximum Temperature: 450
Topcoat / Primer / Both: Primer
Application Temperature: Ambient
Gloss: Flat

H20 Primer Product Data Sheet

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Technical Data Sheet for TemperKote H2O Primer

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