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Heat Resistant Topcoats


TemperKote No. 850 Series High Performance Industrial Heat Resistant Coatings are based on a specially modified silicone alkyd resin. The coating air dries to a tough, hard, weather and heat resistant finish. Special pigments are utilized to achieve maximum heat resistant properties. The curing mechanism is a unique combination of solvent evaporation and resin cross-linking. They do not require any complex heat curing schedule to obtain their heat and weather resistant properties. 

No. 850 Series coatings are also suitable for use on stainless steel surfaces, they are formulated with special ingredients to minimize contamination from chlorides, other halides, sulfides, nitrates and metals which are known to induce external stress corrosion cracking. They contain no free metallic zinc and therefore, will not contribute to embrittlement of stainless steel welds.



Maximum Temperature
Topcoat / Primer / Both
Application Temperature
Substrate: Metals, excluding galvanized and zinc-rich
Maximum Temperature: 850
Topcoat / Primer / Both: Topcoat
Application Temperature: Ambient
Gloss: Gloss
VOC: No VOC Requirements

850 Product Data Sheet

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