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TemperKote INS

TemperKote INS Hi-Heat Thermal Insulating Coating is a composite ceramic insulation coating system. The coating provides an insulating barrier, protects personnel and helps prevent or reduce condensation formation all in one product. Microscopic air filled ceramic particles blended with premium acrylic resins provide substantial temperature differentials in relatively thin films. TemperKote INS eliminates the need for conventional insulation and jacketing for process equipment and piping. For non-ferrous metals TemperKote INS can be applied directly to the substrate. No. 444 TemperKote H2O Hi-Heat Corrosion Control Primer is recommended for use on carbon steel substrates to provide maximum corrosion protection.  

Personnel Protection Chart:
(Per ASTM-C1055)
100°F-250°F . . . . . 80 to 100 mils
250°F-300°F . . . . . 120 to 150 mils
300°F-350°F . . . . . 150 to 200 mils  

Maximum Temperature
Topcoat / Primer / Both
Application Temperature
Substrate: Carbon Steel, Zinc Rich/Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Masonry, Aluminum
Maximum Temperature: 450
Topcoat / Primer / Both: Topcoat
Application Temperature: Ambient
Gloss: Flat

TemperKote INS Product Data Sheet

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